Presale v. Market buy

Oct 21, 2020

3 min read

Introducing : Presale vs Market buy

An experimental project based on Bandwagon Effect

Yes, De-fi, Uniswap, YFI, and Core nowadays. Cool devs who are contributing toward decentralization are making this world better. But let’s be honest, those gems are surrounded by tons of shitholes! In the beginning there was ‘Rugpull’. And let there be Anti ‘OO’s, bunch of foods that can be farmed, unsellable tokens by pricks, ‘O’Cores. And again, Anti ‘OO’ tokens are flooding the market!

Anyway, these thousands of tokens can be sorted by simple standard.

Result? Check this one :

Presale / No Presale

What comes in your mind? Familiar, right? Let me explain how these two graphs became horrible :

Presale : Listed 2–5X, every presaler dumps, market buyers buy, presalers are still in profit, sell more, DOOM.

No Presale : Few early buyer comes in, get shilled, fomo, early birds take 3–10X, buy the dip, dip gets lower, no hype, and DOOM.

After watching thousands of cases like this, I thought about the reason why, and a way to solve this (at least the first hour!). First idea was ‘to list token that is cheaper than presale price’. And it was total nonsense. Who would like to donate their hard earned money for others, in Crypto market! Plus, if presale doesn’t go well, everyone would see “Price Impact too High”. After few days, an idea bursted in. An experimental solution.

So basically, not only one person can decide listing price in here. We are going to start governance from the beginning. Yes, we will build the tower from the base together! This is how it’s gonna be :

After presale, a vote will be published in PvM telegram. Everyone in our chat can vote for…

#1 : List with 50% higher price than presale price

#2 : List with 20% lower price than presale price (But only 60% of #2 votes will be counted, since people can flood in just to make presalers fucked up)

After the vote, liquidity will be added in the ratio of result from community. If #1 becomes the winner, vested tokens for extra liquidity (for lowering the listing price) will be burned. which leads to lower supply(What we love).

So basically, it’s 100% community driven project, based on Bandwagon effect.

Which side are you in?

So choose your side, we don’t need fence sitters. Presale info and Tokenomics will be announced soon, so stay tuned!